Whiplash Services

The Whiplash and Injury Clinic provides top level professional care with genuine personal understanding

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Dynamic Motion Imaging

Dynamic Motion Imaging is the future of imaging. Dynamic Motion Imaging is ...

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Independent Medical Advice

If you are a patient and not a medical professional, understanding ..

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Report Of Findings

Simply put, a Report of Findings is where a doctor goes through what they have discovered...

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Baseline Neck Screening Motion X-ray

If you have had injury in the past, and perhaps either feel fine..

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Cold pack First help with pain

Ice is one of the simplest, safest and most effective self care techniques for injury, pain or discomfort in muscles and joints

During an initial injury, tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling. This swelling can increase the damage of the initial injury and delay the healing.

If you use ice immediately within the first 48 hours, you can reduce the healing time by up to 80%

Our gel-filled Cold Packs are made of the most durable materials. It is a silky nylon/pvc material that is smooth against the skin.

This 5×8 inch cold pack fits comfortably around your neck or wrapped over your shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee or any other injured area