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Baseline Neck Screening Motion X-ray

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What is involved in a Baseline Screening Motion X-Ray?

Scenario 1 – You have a healthy neck, free of injury, and would like to have your baseline status documented in case you are unexpectedly injured in a Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC), or other injury (work or sports related). This may be very useful, for example, if your job requires you to be in a vehicle because your chance of being involved in an MVC is higher than the average person.

What is involved in a BaselineScreening Motion X-Ray?

Scenario 2 – If you have had injury in the past, and perhaps either feel fine right now or are still experiencing regular pain, a second unexpected injury could happen. A baseline screening, where we perform a Motion X-ray study of your neck will show the current functional health of your neck, even if it is not perfect. Because a future injury can cause you to start having pain or worsen your current pain, being able to compare any scan changes from the new injury to the baseline scan is crucial.

This will help you and your therapist create a treatment plan that is truly focused on treating the cause of your pain.

How can a BaselineScreening help me/my situation?

In the two cases mentioned above, the baselinescreening is a great way to create a document of proof that you either had:

1 – a healthy neck,

2 – a more or less healthy and stable neck that was free of pain,

3 – or an unhealthy, stable or unstable neck that is either pain free or with pain.

In all cases, the biggest benefit is the ability to compare how your neck functions during a repeat Motion X-ray after having an additional injury.

In order to make a screening Motion X-ray most valuable, a repeat screening every two to three years is recommended so that the functional status of your neck is as current as possible.

If you are currently involved in litigation with a lawyer, or if you are a lawyer currently representing a client with suspected injuries, performing only a baseline screening is not enough.

Similarly, if you are an insurance adjustor handling a claim where you suspect there to be less injury than being proposed, performing a baseline screening is not enough.

We would then have to do a complete Independent Medical Examination, including a Motion X-ray here at the Whiplash and Injury Clinic to make a determination of severity of injury.

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