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Report Of Findings

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Simply put, a Report of Findings is where a doctor goes through what they have discovered about your problem after the questioning, examining and review of additional information (i.e. review of x-rays, blood work, etc.) has taken place.

This is where they try to help you gain an understanding of what is wrong, what caused it to go wrong, what can be done to make it get better (sometimes there are several options here), and how long it might take to get it better (sometimes it may not get 100% better).

A Review of Findings should be THE single most important visit to any given doctor.

This is where a patient gets an explanation from the doctor and should get a chance to ask questions that will enable them to fully understand what is going on and what can and will be done to help the situation. This should be where the patient gets to understand the problem they came to the doctor with.


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Ice is one of the simplest, safest and most effective self care techniques for injury, pain or discomfort in muscles and joints

During an initial injury, tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling. This swelling can increase the damage of the initial injury and delay the healing.

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