Wrist Injury

Wrist Injury

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Wrist Injury

Unfortunately, hand and wrist injuries are common consequences of motor vehicle collisions, often caused by the force of the impact.These injuries can be serious and significantly impact the victim’s life. The hand and wrist area is a vital part of daily life. We use it daily while driving, getting ready for the day, and even eating and drinking.

Types of Wrist Injuries

Wrist injuries typically fall into three catagories:

Fractures – When any of the 13 delicate bones in the wrist are broken, it is called a fracture. This common type of injury can be caused by trauma and often involves one of the primary carpal bones . However, it could also be caused by a break in one of the arm bones that is connected to the wrist

Sprains & Strains – Ligaments connect the bones found within the wrist and the type of strain can be categorized by how serious the injury is. The ligament may be stretched (no tear present), partially torn, or fully torn, which unfortunatly could require surgery to fix.

Tendonitis – Inflammation of the tendons attatching the bones to muscles can also occur during a motor vehical collision. This causes pain and discomfort around the joints in the wrist.

Although the injuries differ, wrist injuries can be confusing, since they present themselve with similarities to other injuries so it is important to seek out a professional to diagnose the type of injury you may be suffering from.

Some common wrist injury symptoms include:

  • Wrist Pain
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Inability to straighten or flex the wrist

Wrist pain may persist for a few days, and if an infection develops due to an untreated injury, the symptoms could worsen and lead to fever, nausea, and other unusual symptoms.

A broken wrist is not the only wrist/hand injury Which can be sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Hand injuries oftain make themselves known immediatly through pain, swelling and bruising.

When an individual is in a car collision, the body tends to suffer from blunt trauma that moves the body forward and backward rather quickly. Additional hazards within the vehicle are a likely cause of many different types of injuries.

Some common causes of wrist injuries in a car accident include:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Dashboard
  • Broken Glass
  • Seatbelt
  • Cargo

The human wrist is made up of 13 delacate bones, eight of which are carpal bones and five are called metacarpals. The carpal bones are positioned in two rows at the base of your wrist and they extend into the palm of your hand. The intricate, and delicate, system means that anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident is susceptible to experiencing some type of wrist injury.

Cold pack First help with pain

Ice is one of the simplest, safest and most effective self care techniques for injury, pain or discomfort in muscles and joints

During an initial injury, tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling. This swelling can increase the damage of the initial injury and delay the healing.

If you use ice immediately within the first 48 hours, you can reduce the healing time by up to 80%

Our gel-filled Cold Packs are made of the most durable materials. It is a silky nylon/pvc material that is smooth against the skin.

This 5×8 inch cold pack fits comfortably around your neck or wrapped over your shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee or any other injured area