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Knee Injuries

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Knee Injury

Motor Vehical Collision…that just screams injuries such as back strain, whiplash, concussion, etc.

What most people do not consider is another extremely common injury…namely, a knee injury.

Sadly, for those who suffer from a severe tear or strain to the knee in an motor vehical collision, they may experience significant issues in the future if they do not see a proper treatment, and if the injury is not immediently attended to.

So what are the common causes of a knee injury in a motor vehical collision?

Knee injuries can occur in many different types of accidents: be it a rollover, side impact crash or back-end accidents. There are hundreds of ways that a knee could be injured in a motor vehical collision. A knee injury most commonly occurs whenever there is a rapid blow to the knee, or something twists or pulls the knee in the wrong direction. Sudden, hard impact with a dashboard, window, steering wheel, etc, is usually involved in the injury.

In fact, the impact of the crash alone may be a contributing factor to a knee injury because of unnatural twisting or hyper extension.

A knee injury is most often a soft tissue injury

which, though it may sound simple, may require intense physical therapy, surgery or may be a permanent root to more severe knee issues in the future.

Most commonly found in motor vehicle collision injuries, is a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This extremely important ligament keeps our knee joint connected firmly in place, however, despite its importance, it is a delicate ligament and can be easily torn.

An ACL tear may not be noticed right away and it’s symptoms may develop some time after the crash,though some swelling, pain or bruising may be noticed at the site of the injury.

Another common knee injury that is occurs in motor vehical collision, is a tear to the medial collateral ligament (MCL). The MCL is located on the inside of the knee area, outside of the knee joint. This ligament is in charge of the flexibility of our knees. When injured, along with severe pain, it can be accompanied with swelling and instability. Victims may feel and hear a pop in the injured knee.

Because our knees play such a vital role in our day to day movements, it is easy to see why even the most minute strain or tear can be the source of major discomfort and disrupt our quality of life. If you are concerned that you may have sustained a knee injury in a motor vehical collision, don’t wait for the symptoms to worsen. See a doctor today to ensure that you have the best prognosis for healing and recovery.

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During an initial injury, tissue damage can cause uncontrolled swelling. This swelling can increase the damage of the initial injury and delay the healing.

If you use ice immediately within the first 48 hours, you can reduce the healing time by up to 80%

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